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               Teaching, Mentoring, & Educating God's way through God's Word

 Our Story

Pastor Rodney was saved in his teens.  During this formative time he served under the Pastorship of Rev. Bernice Morgan.  He occupied such offices as Musician, Sunday School Teacher, Trustee, Deacon, and Youth Minister.  Later the anointing (on him)was recognized by the Clergy and he was ordained first as a Minister, later an Elder.  He was serving in this capacity when he was introduced to his future wife.

Pastor Kim Harris was saved at age of seventeen in the heart of North Philadelphia by divine intervention.  She thereafter joined True Holiness Temple and began to function as Usher.  However, not long after her conversion she was introduced to Pastor Rodney Harris and they were married February 21, 1981.  Joining with her husband she continued to excel in ministry while raising a family.  Her duties increased and she functioned as Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher and Worship Leader.  

Functioning as Assistant Pastors' they were not aware of God's plan.  Nevertheless, several years later they were called to the pastorate. On March 23, 1997 they started Integrity Church Ministries.

Pastor Kim was given the name "Integrity" she shared it with Pastor Rodney who in turn received the witness.  However, Pastor Rodney was given the scripture,

Job 8:7...Thou thy beginning is small, yet shalt t hou later end greatly increase...

ICM is known for its diversity, honesty and all-around adaptabilty to people and challenges.  "People are really welcome in our church..." We believe God loves all people!  Anyone would feel comfortable in our services but we really represent the gospel.  There is not victory without the Cross and the Word."


Pastor Rodney Harris

Certification: The Main Bible Institute
Certification Spring Garden College: Spring Garden College
AS Liberal Arts: Montgomery County Community College
BA Psycholology: Cheyney University State College

Pastor Kim Harris
AS Business: Penn State
BA Liberal Arts & Science: Penn State
MRE- Canon Bible College
DRE- Canon Bible College

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