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Dr. Kim Harris

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Main Bible Institute

Evening of Elegance

Double Identity
Escape Route
It Started so SMALL...

Public Speaker & Preacher
Sought after speaker for the
Tri-State Area

A  private, one to one, scheduled time to talk about, life issues problems and private concerns. 

Other places to visit with Dr. Harris
Fireside CHAT 
Caring or Sharing

A Mentor & Life Coach group setting for interactive growth.

For dates, times & locations call:
CS: Mother Twyne 215-662-5859
FSC: Min. Bernadette Camp


"Even though I really do the things favorites are listed below:


Dr. Kim Harris


Books by Dr. Harris

"All of my books were given by divine inspiration.  In other words I received them during trances or visions.  For this reason, I feel I  have only transcribed the books mentioned below.  I too read them frequently and glean as if reading them for the first time."

            Double Identity

"I sat on my bed to roll up my hair...
Suddenly, I was in a open vision.  It all started in a boxing rink..."

"Double Identity", The Holy Spirit  is the third person of the Godhead and the most unknown of the Trinity.  Double Identity, gives revelation on the role of the Holy Spirit in the believers' life! This is a must read for any believer. 
Purchase:  10.00 s/h included.

            Escape Route
"I sat down to watch a movie, and the Holy Spirit decided to give another lesson using the movie..."
Have you ever wondered why Christians suffer?  "Escape Route" gives meaning to life trials and tribulations.  
Purchase:  $10.00 s/h included.

"I started the drive to Blue Mountain Christian Retreat.  It was my usual vacation time and I really needed it. However, the Holy Spirit had another schedule in was the weekend that changed my life forever!"
Purchase:  $10.00 s/h included.

It Started So SMALL...
This is a book about pride--every Minister should purchase, read, and keep this one in the library for future reference...this revelation saved my life!

The Eagle
A study of Isaiah 48, the office of the Prophet and species of Eagles

Coming Soon:
 Finally a real Life Model!

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