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What we Believe

Jesus the Christ instituted the church which consists of every born again Christian. God commanded we assemble and together.  


The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are inspired of God, without error, and the final authority of faith and practice for mankind. 



There is one God who reveals himself in Scripture as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  God is eternal, omniscient, and omnipresent. God is also greater than any understanding or description of him.

God created the first man Adam and first woman Eve perfect and complete but with free will to choose good or evil. In their beginning state, they maintained literal fellowship with the Creator in the Garden of Eden.

 Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and lost their perfect estate.  Now being imperfect, all mankind inherited this sin nature.  For this reason “sin” entered mankind and the world.   

JESUS CHRIST--Is the answer for man’s rebellion.  God gave his only begotten son Jesus for the redemption of mankind.  Jesus was born of a virgin, fully human and fully God, lived sinless, and gave himself willingly as a ransom for sin. Jesus became our sacrifice through his blood which is necessary for remission of sin.
There is no way to get to God other than through God's son Jesus Christ.  Whoever will turn from sin and trust forgiveness through His sacrifice, and accepting him as Savior, will experience the new life which the Bible refers to as being "born again.  

For God so loved the World...


Baptism is a loving act of submission to Jesus Christ's own example. Therefore we celebrate this ordinance with the full body into water.   Baptism tells the world we have made a decision for God and his ways. Faith requires action.  

An ex-angel has been resigned to Hell which was created for him and his demons. Those who refuse salvation through God's son Jesus have automatically chosen eternal separation from God with conscious torment in Hell.  

The third person of the Godhead has been commissioned to convict of sin and reveal truth. At the new birth the Holy Spirit indwells us and begins to teach and lead us into future relationship and son ship. The Holy Spirit is resident in every believer.  His titles include but not limited to Teacher & Comforter

God has given us the command and the privilege of joining with him in his work by sharing the good news about Jesus and his redemptive plan for mankind of which the final destination is eternal life and Heaven.


Pastors' Rodney & Kim Harris

How we started...


Pastor Rodney was saved in his teens.  During this formative time he served under Pastor Bernice Morgan.  He occupied such offices as Musician, Sunday School Teacher, Trustee, Deacon, and Youth Minister.  Later the anointing (on him) was recognized by the clergy and he was ordained a Minister and later an Elder.  He was serving in this capacity when he was met to his future wife.

Pastor Kim was saved at age of seventeen in the heart of North Philadelphia by divine intervention.  She thereafter joined True Holiness Temple and began to function as an Usher.  However, not long after her conversion she was introduced to Pastor Rodney Harris and they were married February 21, 1981.  Similar to her husband she too excelled in ministry while raising their family.  Her duties increased and she functioned as Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher and Worship Leader.  

Years later both functioning as Assistant Pastors' and surprised by Gods plan, they were called to the Pastorate and ordained by Bishop Maureen Churn. Pastor Kim was given the name "Integrity", and Pastor Rodney was given the scripture, Job 8:7...Thou thy beginning is small, yet shalt thou later end greatly increase...On March 23, 1997 they started Integrity Church Ministries!




Sunday 11:30-Morning Worship Celebration

1630 N. 29th St. Phila,PA

Wednesday-Bible Study on FB-

Prayer Line-Monday & Wednesday

(Call for details-215-385-0621)

The Integrity Mob invites you to join us...


  Integrity Church Ministries is a new wave ministry that enjoys fellowship of all kinds and music of most genres!   ICM is not like any other church.  For starters, they have interactive morning services, anyone can respond.   "It is our desire to make the most of the Christian experience. We take God's Word serious and this comes across in our meetings.  Understanding, the Clergy is the highest call to and for mankind, we take the pastorate to heart and the congregation to task!  

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Browse our site and get acquainted with our faith and religion!  Call for information about our affordable online education.  Your dreams of college and a degree are closer than ever.  Now you can really answer YOUR call! 

Integrity Church Ministries

1630 N 29th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121

Integrity Bible Institute

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Pastor Rodney Harris


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