Integrity Bible Institute


  Our Mission 

IBI is an Educational Alternative for the maturing Christian desiring to further or finish their Christian education.  This is a fully Accredited On-line External Studies Program for the serious bible scholar.  IBI is another option for those wanting to complete their education but do not have time for the traditional classroom.  Our external studies program allows the benefits of higher learning in the classroom of your choice.  Does this sound too good to be true?  Well it’s true.  IBI is tailored for anyone desiring to continue education while working within their schedule and personal work space.  We have built a curriculum that is affordable, attainable, and accessible.  We have adopted the educational format of the future.  

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Looking for a school-Found One!


Let's Talk...
1. Do you have outstanding credits?

 2. Have you wanted to continue school but finances were a problem?

 3. Do you need more credentials?

4. Have you felt a strong influence to get more education?

 5. Are you interested in understanding more about people and the bible?

6. Does your future position require more academics?

 7. Would you appreciate an institute dedicated to your purpose and destiny?

8. Do you like the traditional classroom but no longer have the time to sit in one? 

  Available Programs
Christian Counseling, Religious Education, Church Leadership & Administration  

Dr. Kim Harris-President/Founder

Pay Attention...this is for YOU!


I.B.I programs are tailored to the student.

Your educational future is important and we take several things into consideration. 

Your previous education, job skills, hobbies, ministry strengths and vision all play a vital part in your curriculum selection. 

Let’s work together to make your educational dreams come true…  

"You can afford to come here!