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Repentance from a Clergy

One night after watching more tragic news about Corona 19, I started to think...I know God didn't start this but we'll need HIM to stop it...then I began to write a letter to God..



Dear Jesus,

Forgives us for our deviation from the fundamental message of salvation and the cross. Forgive us for the hoopla and the different self-help messages which have ineffectively taken the place of holiness and the proper fear of the Lord. Forgive us for watering down the gospel to accommodate more sheep while yielding less power. Forgive us for the places we have screamed, hollered and put on acts to pretend we had You. Forgive us for NOT bringing up our children in MN the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Meanwhile the masses and our families remain untouched and unchanged.  Forgive us for not finishing our education while we handle subjects out of our personal range while pretendinig to be knowledgeable. 

Forgive us for acting like our personal call replaced sound doctrine.  Forgive us for the prejudice and sexism which covers the church. Forgive us for honoring the cathedral while judging the storefront and vice versa. Forgive us for gimmicks and financial schemes that rob the flock. Forgive us for our attire in the sanctuary. Forgive us for the standard which has become no standard at all.  Forgive us for the persecution we levy over the prosperity ministries as if they were of the devil without true investigation. Forgive us for robbing you and being afraid to teach the tithe. Forgive us for wasting the tithes on lavish and extreme stuff without consideration of the future. Forgive us for not respecting other ministries and their contribution toward the body of Christ. Forgive us for acting like our mind was your mind and we share the same thoughts. It’s our pride. Our thoughts are very different from yours thoughts! 

We repent of the fornication, sexism, drug abuse, sexual abuse and perversion in our congregations that we act like you didn’t see or worse allowed. Forgive us for abortions and scandalous affairs we covered up for years. Forgive us for every young Christian we exploited and crushed who was gifted but we felt intimidated or privileged so we hurt them. Forgive us for favoritism and putting up with things we knew should be handled. Forgive us for all the inappropriate relationships in our choirs and musicians we tolerate because of their talent. Forgive us for allowing our own children to handle things that were holy while knowing they were profane in their conduct and character.  Forgive us for not yielding to the Holy Spirit because we had an agenda, plan, and things we felt necessary and we knowingly quenched the Holy Spirit without conscious! Forgive us for every time we declared You said something, You did not say. Forgive us for not being humbled by your obvious lessons and continued strivings. Instead we became brazen and stiff-necked. We repent for our enjoyed limelight while we denied your power and magnificence.

Forgive us for not embracing the supernatural and not even tolerating that part of the body which honors the impossible. Forgive us for presenting a confused gospel to our youth who now want no part of our church. Furthermore they are not interested in our God because of what they’ve seen and heard. Forgive us for overworking our pastors and not listening to their instructions that come from you. Forgive us for every sermon we’ve heard over and over again not to comply.  Forgive us for our misrepresentation of You to this world which has them completely unprepared for such a time as this... Forgive us for making darkness look like a legitimate rival because of our secret allegiance to demonic devices. Forgive us for teaching people to seek us and not You…

You are the Star, You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your name is above every name…irregardless to our actions!  Truly we are reaping what we have sown. Still we’d like to blame the above on someone else. BUT today we want to take responsibility for our contribution towards this catastrophe.  This is repentance from a clergy who wants this world to know you are better than our display and more powerful than we’ve described…Your deep love for mankind has been misrepresented by those who supposedly know and love you! This is a horrendous tragedy with more guilty then innocent…

Dear Father,

You said “if my people which are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and seek your face then I would hear from heaven and heal their land...

We're going to do that…I mean mumble ourselves…this is different--Help America

A Clergy



You are the LIGHT of the World, did we forgot...

Dear God open our eyes and bend our knees!

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