Events: September - December 2019

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 Integrity Bible Institute
"The Character and the Bible Face Off"

President:  Dr. Kim Harris

 Integrity Bible Study on Face Book
Pastor Pearl Jones

Table Talk-Dr. Kim Harris
Life Coach: "Where issues meet solutions"

Integrity Men-Pastor Rodney Harris
Mentor/Men Fellowship

Social Media Network Pastor Rodney Harris   

Favorite Things-Dr. Kim Harris

Baby Missions-Jessica Harris

We did the St. Jude  Walk (as usual)

Caring & Sharing-Brenda Twyne

Mother Twyne has been selected to work  with a Senior Citizens Club

near her home in West Philadelphia...Call her for more information.



Church Services At Integrity Church Ministries

1630 N. 29th St (off Cecil B Moore)

Philadelphia, PA 19121

Sunday 11:30 

Prayer Requested

We want to bring special attention to our bereaved..."Thank You" to all who have prayed and labored with us through this difficult time.

Sister Elizabeth Wynne & Family

Dr. Dales & Family

Pastor Rodney & Family

Sister Angie Calicat & Family

Jorte & Family

Mother Brenda Twyne & Family

Dr. Kim Harris & Family

Our Families want to say "Thanks" to all who have supported

and prayed for us while we faced several bereavements.  You made

this difficult time bearable!

Upcoming Events

Integrity Bible  Institute

Welcome  Back  Scholars!

Come and see our new location...

Integrity Bible Institute

5949 N. Opal St.

Phila. Pa, 19141

2019 Class Schedule 

October 13, 2019

November 17 , 2019

December, 15, 2019


Integrity Bible Institute

5949 N. Opal St

Philadelphia PA 19141

Theme: Study to show Yourself Approved

(For its my people who are destroyed for a lack of knowledge)


We have a program for YOU!!!


IBI Staff

President & Founder-Dr. Kim Harris

 Vice President-Pastor Rodney Harris

Dean  Student Affairs-Dr. Traci Dales

       Senior Adviser-Pastor Pearl Jones          


Happy birthday to YOU...Happy Birthday to YOU!


Otis & Dr. Harris 


Minister Tarik

Pastor Rodney Harris 


Jessica Harris

Dr. Danielle Moody  

Special Congratulations:

Dr. Moody-Tenure

Pastor Pearl-New School

Sherell-New Job

Sister Angie-Promotion

Integrity Bible Institute

What did you do this summer?

Integrity Church Ministries traveled...Here are some of the places we went and the things we did!

  • The Dales went to Myrtle Beach. "This is one of our favorite places to vacation.  We go often."

  • The Moody's went to California for business, pleasure and their anniversary!

  • Jorte went to Jamaica to visit her family.

  • Pastor Pearl and Otis went to Florida they visited the Holy Land and Universal Studios.

  • Jessica went to Martha's Vineyard and brought back gifts from the quaint island!

  • Pastor's Rod and Kim went to Las Vegas to see the Women's Basketball Championship!   We also took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon...this was on my bucket list.  It was breath taking!!!

  • John retired and  started a new program.  He really loves it.  He also gets to do his favorite things monthly--Bowling and the Movies

  • ICM had it's Annual Community Day.  We gave out school supplies and went door to door sharing tracts and witnessing.  "I love community day.  They had to tell me not to send any more people around...we gave everything away!" PK

From the Presidents Desk:

Well we are at the end of another summer and as usual it's bitter- sweet.  I really enjoy the summer and welcome the hot weather.   However my favorite wardrobe starts with the fall.  I like boots, tights, sweat shirts and jackets.  I like the idea of changing my home to the fall decor with a tint of red.  Then the red adjusts easy for the Christmas motif!  With that said, by now school has started and I am a president who loves to teach!   More about that later,  I want to tell you my summer highlight.  

This August I turned 60...and my husband Pastor Rodney Harris gave me a birthday celebration.  It was Black Tie (something I love) and catered! I can hear the girls saying,  

"That's what I'm talking about." It was catered by my oldest spiritual daughter Tomika .  She can really cook!!!

Back to the celebration--it was wonderful. Everyone looked fabulous and I didn't look too bad myself.   The were no children and I really appreciated the adult  company and commodity.  We/I had a blast.

Firstly, the location was to die for...It's called the Sage House.

I entered in a tan and gold gown...then later changed to navy and silver. Everyone said I looked nice!  I had a professional photographer follow me around!   Fancy right...

Minister Tarik wrote and sang me a song.  It is called,

" God's Resume." As he was singing my aunt and mother started singing backup and nothing makes me happier than good music.  

Then Pastor Rod allowed three significant people to share. They were my parents.  My two Moms and my Dad.  I was terrified  they'd talk to much but they did alright ...

It was the best birthday ever--I will never forget it!

Thanks Pastor Rod, ICM, Tomika, My family and Wonderful made sixty feel like forty!

                                                                                Dr. Kim Harris